Managing Disease Risk for Bighorn Sheep

  1. Testing of Domestic livestock in fringe Bighorn habitat that focuses on MOvi identification and education of the domestic herd owners. Result will of these tests will drive continual education of the public and increases awareness to the risk of having domestic and wild sheep interacting together.
  2. Double fencing high risk habitats that have a high population of Domestic herd animals as well as Wild sheep. Creating the most-safe environment for Bighorn sheep to migrate and live. This occurs when all other options of risk elimination have been exhausted.
  3. Funding and creating domestic disease awareness signs on the trailheads of many high traffic recreational and hunting areas in all SMU’s.
  4. Funding of educational video content for domestic disease awareness. Future distribution of this content will be available 2023.
  5. Creation of domestic disease awareness ads to be printed in multiple publications throughout Alberta and Western Canada.
  6. Educational lunches with Veterinarians along the Eastern slopes, as well as appearances and booth setups at multiple livestock producer conferences and AGM’s.
  7. Funding of wild sheep harvest testing in Alberta, including future incentives to submit non-trophy sheep harvest swabs.
Magazine ad that will be running in various publications in Western Canada
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