Matt Mellon

Born and Raised in Northern Alberta I have been an avid outdoorsman and trapper my entire life. I currently reside in Red Deer with my wife and 2 children, where I work for the city as a paramedic and firefighter. I have chased wild sheep for over 2 decades and It is my goal to preserve our wild sheep and hunting opportunities for generations to come.

Scott Widdifield
Vice President

Hunting and hard work have been instilled in me since a young boy. I own a Masonry company that I started at the age of 22. One of my first memories is sitting atop a deer on the back of my grandpa’s trike as him and my dad hauled out of the bush. I’ve been lucky enough to harvest some great animals however my two bighorn sheep are my favourite. There is something special about being in the places sheep roam that soothes the soul. After becoming a member of wild sheep foundation Alberta I look at sheep from more of a conservation perspective then just a hunter and have understood the importance of harvesting older mature rams.

Brian Scott

My name is Brian Scott and I have lived my whole life in Rocky Mountain house. I run a mixed farming operation with my wife and my parents. I am also a guide and outfitter and have guided bighorns in the past. As a past board member and treasurer, I look forward to once again serving on the WSFA board with the other hard-working crew. 

W. Frank Turner

As an avid sheep hunter/outfitter with a passion for the outdoors, conservation, stewardships of our lands, that has been a Director on the board since March 2011. I am 47 years old and reside with my wife and two youngest kids in Cochrane on our family farm. Being involved in our family Sheep outfitting business since a young age has giving me the drive and passion to make sure we have our monarch of the mountains for all sportsman to enjoy now and in the future. I am still looking for my first and only Bighorn.

Frans Diepstraten

"Beyond lies a new valley, a valley you have never seen." I was not born when R.M. Patterson wrote this, but he could have written this for me. My family and I moved to Cochrane in 2003 to be closer to the mountains, and ever since I have been exploring high ridges and looking into hidden basins, trying to lay my eyes on new country.


If that country would not hold sheep and other wildlife, it would still be beautiful, but it would not be the same. If we went out and never saw a ram or mountain goat in the cliffs, never got the adrenaline rush of finding a grizzly in the binoculars, never heard an elk bugle, would we still go?


The future of our sheep and with it the future of sheep hunting is under pressure. Pressure by habitat degradation, disease, industrial development, and an increasing number of people in the mountains. Through my membership on the WSFA board, I hope to contribute to a future where we maintain a healthy population of wild sheep in Alberta and have the continued opportunity to hunt for that ram of a lifetime.

Brandon Darling
My name is Brandon Darling and I grew up around and now live east of Calgary with my wife and young son. I own my own painting company in and around Calgary. I have been lucky to have the opportunity to spend lots of amazing days in the mountains with great friends, making memories and I want to be a contributor towards future generations having the same opportunities as I have had and continue to have. I have been a member of WSFAB for five years and a life member for three. I sheep hunt not only for the opportunity to harvest another ram but to see over the next mountain.
Luke Vandergust
Edson Director
Rob Kopecky
Northern Director

I am currently in my 2nd year on the WSFA board as President. Previous to this role, I spent a number of years on the board in BC, and wild sheep have been a passion of mine since I was a kid. Hunting and generally all outdoor activities have been something I have enjoyed all my life because of an active outdoor lifestyle taught to me by both my parents.

Darren Cooney

I’ve been involved with Wild Sheep Foundation Alberta for the last 13 years and on the board for the last 7. I started the Corporate Sponsorship Program and with help from the sponsors and some Directors we have raised $125,000 in the last 6 years.
I also have been known to sell between 30-40 books of Hunt of a Lifetime raffle tickets each year for the last 13 years or so.
I have lined up a rifle or two ( free donations from my contact ) to be drawn at the youth camp each year. 
Banquet time I line up around 10 items for the live auction from hunts/fishing trips to merchandise and look after the seating of 750 people and the Corporate Sponsors.
Sports Shows I work the booth in Calgary/Red Deer each year for 13 years.
Hobbies: Hunt all over Canada  and Internationally with my best friend and hunting partner my wife Barb. We have been known to take new hunters to the field young and old to mentor them on how great our hunting heritage is.

Dominic Widdifield
Southern Director
Paul Chambers
Tate Snodgrass
Derrick Westlund
Kane Brandt
Roy Getson
Edson Director