We believe it is important to recognize these monarchs that roamed our rough and rocky mountains for so long. It is our hope these awards will be used as an educational tool as well. For new sheep hunters, it is important for them to understand the importance of letting younger rams mature and taking those older rams off the mountains. For seasoned sheep hunters, it is our hopes that these awards will encourage them to pass up those younger rams in search for those true monarchs.

The Old Ram Award will be presented to any WSFA member(s) who harvests a 10+ year old ram in Alberta during the current hunting season

The Oldest Ram Award will be presented to the WSFA member(s) who harvests the oldest ram in Alberta during the current hunting season.

2018 Oldest Ram Award

The Oldest Ram harvested in Alberta by a WSFA member was 12.5 years old. Life member and our Platinum Sponsor Wayne Bowd was fortunate enough to harvest this monarch of the mountains.

Old Ram Award

We would also like to thank Lee Martineau, Jeff Wall and Tom Bodewitz for entering their beautiful rams into our 2018 awards. All three gentleman are Life Members and strong supporters of our foundation.

2017 Oldest Ram Award

The 2017 Oldest Ram Award was presented to Cameron Foss with his beautiful 10.5 year old ram taken with his bow this past season. Congrats Cameron. 

Cameron Foss

Minimum age required to apply for both these awards is 10 years old. The age on the registration form will be used. Members must be in good standing with WSFA. As well individuals must be a member of WSFA before harvesting the ram. Deadline to apply for the awards is Feb 15. For more information or to register a ram, please email info@wsfab.org.