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To promote and enhance increasing populations of indigenous wild sheep in Alberta through the funding of programs that support responsible wildlife management, conservation education, youth involvement and the preservation of our hunting heritage.
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WSFA receives many applications for funding every year. To ensure that all funding requests are dealt with in an efficient manner the Foundation will be formalizing its application process somewhat. This will allow all requests to be considered and integrated with our budgeting process.

Project Funding Application Guide
Terms of Reference, Project Funding Committee
Project Funding Application Form
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2015 Project Financial Summary - Further updates to come once data results from each project are compiled. Check back for further info.

The Projects section of our website is currently under construction. Please check back soon for updated projects.

WSFA funded Aerial Survey Reports 2010 to Present

Sponsorship Package
Interested in helping out? There are several opportunities for your business to contribute to wildlife conservation in Alberta. Please click here to see how your business can play an important role in our children's future.

For more information, contact Darren at 403-358-1385.

WSFA is a Registered Charity for income tax purposes.
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Project Funding Report

Alberta Grizzly Bear
Survey 2010 - Video


Alberta Fish & Wildlife officers and a veterinarian were present.



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